Friday, December 29, 2017


I really enjoy using baking as an opportunity to be creative, but sometimes I just want to find a delicious recipe, make it, and eat it. During this busy season, I've really enjoyed taking it easy on myself and using some recipes from trusted sites. Here are three I want to share with you...

First up, this Berry Bourbon Cake by Southern Fatty. This cake is really special. The frosting is a boozy ermine, one of my favorite all time frostings! The cakes are full of cooked and fresh much flavor and texture! Also, Southern Fatty was our most recent guest on Flour Hour. It was a really fun chat about baking and blogging. If you want to have a listen...go here.

Next, is this Guinness Gingerbread Bundt on Chowhound. It makes your house smell like Christmas, and that's enough to motivate me to make it. Also, there are three types of ginger...fresh, granulated, and candied. There's a cup of Guinness in the batter, which leaves enough in the can for the baker to sip. Bonus! And then there's the beautiful, shiny brown sugar glaze. It's a must make!

Finally, these morning buns by Bon App├ętit are as good as they look. They take some effort, but, if you have the time/desire, they are sooo worth it. Made with cinnamon, cardamom, and honey, they are super flavorful and perfect friends with your cup of coffee.

Hope you are having a delicious holiday season! Thank you very much for swinging by and reading! xo

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