Sunday, September 24, 2017

BAAAKE Maple Caramel

Yayayayay! I am wildly excited to share this recipe, and I can. not. wait. to see what you guys create! This is the first time I've done a bake-along type thing, so I hope lots of you will give it a go. The recipe that you must make to officially participate is the maple syrup caramel. You don't have to make a buttercream frosting and put it on a cake to participate, but I'm going to include that recipe too. It's amazing, and I would love to see what you choose to put it on. I frosted a peanut butter cake with it, but I think it would be delicious on a vanilla, spice, or banana cake. Mmm.

The maple caramel is something special. I first tried to make it by cooking the maple syrup with the sugar to make a caramel, but, ahhh, since the maple is so brown I couldn't tell when I had caramelized the sugar. The finished sauce was too blonde because I wussed out and pulled it too soon. I had a couple of other tries that were good but not great. Finally, I tried reducing the maple syrup and adding that to the caramelized sugar syrup. That was when the magic happened! The finished product is smooth, maple-y, and dangerously tempting.

The ingredients are simple. You probably already have them on hand, yay!

The recipe is straightforward, but I do have a few quick tips...

To save some stress, have all of your ingredients measured out before you get started.

Do not stir the sugar syrup while it is cooking. It will crystalize and be a mess! Eeek!

Be prepared for the caramelized sugar syrup to bubble up dramatically when you add the cream. Keep your hands away from the steam. It can burn!

For the most precise results, please opt to weigh your ingredients. I included volume measurements to include everyone, but I strongly endorse measuring by weight.

Last quick tip, make sure that you actually caramelize the sugar syrup before you add the vanilla cream. It should be a dark amber color and look like this...

As a little motivation (as if you need something more motivating than delicious cake!), I am going to send one of you a present! I'll pick a winner at random on Monday, October 9th. So, get your baking done and picture posted by the 8th.

Rules of Participation:
*Make the caramel sauce.
*Put it on something (cake, cookies, ice cream, pancakes...)
*Post a picture on Instagram by October 8, 2017.
*Tag the picture with #baaake and @amandaefaber.
*Eat your delicious creation.


160g (1/2c) dark maple syrup
95g (1/3c + 1tbsp) heavy whipping cream
1tsp vanilla bean paste or vanila extract
150g (3/4c) granulated sugar
3tbsp water
56g (1/4c) unsalted butter, diced
1/2tsp salt
1tsp white vinegar

Put the maple syrup in a small sauce pan, and warm over medium-low heat. Once it begins to simmer turn the heat down to low. Swirl occasionally and cook until reduced by about half. This will take approximately 10 minutes from the time it starts to simmer.  If it bubbles up as if it might overflow, swirl the pan and reduce the heat. If the smell changes and starts to smell toasted, it's done.  The mixture should be thickened to the consistency of warm caramel sauce. Set aside.

Heat the cream until luke warm.  You can do this on the stove top or microwave. Add the vanilla to the cream. Set aside.

In a 2-quart sauce pot, combine the sugar and water.  Shake it around a bit to make sure the sugar is evenly wet.  Cook the mixture without stirring, without stirring, without stirring, over medium heat.  Once the mixture has started to bubble, increase the heat to medium-high.  Do not stir!!! Stay with the pot, watch for it to turn from clear to a light caramel color.  Once this happens, let it go a bit further until a deeper amber color.  You may see a few wafts of smoke.  That means you have bravely taken it far enough.

Remove the caramel from the heat and whisk in the warmed vanilla cream.  It will bubble up, be careful of the steam! Once the mixture is smooth, whisk in the maple syrup. Once the mixture is smooth again, add in your diced butter. Finally, whisk in the salt and vinegar.

Carefully pour the caramel in to a heat proof container to cool to room temperature. Once cooled, store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Before using in recipes, allow it to return to room temperature. 


200g (2/3 c) maple caramel sauce, room temperature
226g (1 c) unsalted butter, room temperature
90g (1/4 c + 2 tbsp) heavy whipping cream
1/2 tsp salt
850g (7 1/2 c) powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, mix together the maple caramel sauce and butter until completely smooth. Scrape down the bowl at this point, and continue scraping down the bowl as needed throughout the mixing process.

Add in half of the heavy whipping cream and the salt. Continue mixing on low until mostly incorporated.

Add in half of the powdered sugar and vanilla. Mix on low for a few minutes. The frosting should look very smooth. 

Add in the remaining milk. Mix until smooth. Add in the remaining sugar. Mix until very smooth.

Use the frosting immediately or cover tightly and chill for up to two days in the refrigerator. Bring back to room temperature and mix on low for a few minutes before using.

***If you have any questions, please message me on Instagram or leave a comment here. I'm happy to help if I can. Now get on it! 


  1. I cannot wait to try this - it's pretty much my ideal flavor profile! One question, though. What difference do you think it will make if my maple syrup isn't necessarily "dark"? I use the Costco Pure Grade A Amber Pure Maple Syrup.

    1. Yay! I'm excited that you're excited! :) Thank you for baking along! I tried it with both, and it's great either way. The dark gave a slightly stronger flavor, but I would definitely use whichever you have on hand. Thanks for asking!

  2. I'm in! This looks amazing! Can't wait to bake along!

  3. How much frosting does this recipe make? I'm making cupcakes and wondering how much I should make to cover 18? So excited to see how everything turns out!

    1. Hi, this makes enough to fully frost a three layer 8" cake. It's always a bit of a guessing game for me with cupcakes, but I think this would make enough for 18 with a normal amount of frosting per cupcake. Can't wait to see them!

  4. Hi! What is the # again? So sorry if it's obvious and I just missed it.

  5. Never mind I totally just found it! Oh my gosh I'm so embarrassed

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