Friday, June 2, 2017

Eating Designer Clothes

For my friend Marcella's birthday, I wanted to make something totally special. She deserves nothing but the best. I mean that. She gives her best all of the time. She is kind, funny, smart, generous, and filled with light and love. She is also very glamorous and loves the art of fashion. When I came across a picture of Salma Hayek at the Cannes Film Festival, I was immediately inspired to make Marcella's birthday cake. 


Salma was wearing this Gucci gown. Stunning. 


I love the contrast of the ruby red bow on the soft blue. The beading is really something special. I really enjoyed looking at the details in the close up photo. 



I made a vanilla cake and filled it with homemade marzipan and sour cherry jam. Then the work began. For the details I used rock candy, piping, and dragĂ©es. I debated about the bow. I used marzipan first, but it looked awful. After some re-thinking, I ultimately piped it. For a brief moment I was considering melting down twirlers. Hahaha! I'm really glad I went with piping, but I would like to try melting twizzlers sometime. 


Back to the the end I was so excited to show Marcella her cake. I hope it made her feel all the love we have for her. 

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