Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sweet Peach Tea Cake


When I can use fresh ingredients, that's what I try to do...mostly. However, for whatever reason, I tend to use dried, granulated ginger when I'm baking. This time I decided to try out using freshly grated ginger. I'll never go back! Fresh wins again! The fresh ginger has the most lovely bright, warm, kick that dried ginger just doesn't provide. 


The cakes are spiced with ginger and a hint of cinnamon. I made a roasted peach curd as the filling. The curd is brightened up with orange juice. Without the orange juice, the peach flavor kinda hides out. The juice perks it right up. 


The frosting is made with a black tea caramel sauce. I saved some of the sauce to waterfall down the side. The black tea flavor is a fun one. At first you don't notice it, but it comes on strong after it's left your mouth. The tannins in black tea remind me a lot of some dry red wines I've had with strong tannins. It has that same smack, smack pucker effect. 

All together, these components make for a taste adventure! Sweet peach, spicy ginger, and black tea! I'm in to it. I hope the birthday girl loves it! 


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  1. The flavors sound amazing !! I wish one day if you could make a video on piping skills ! You are so incredibly talented 🌞🌸