Sunday, May 7, 2017

Jeremiah's Pastéis de Nata

These little Portuguese custard tarts are terribly delightful! They have a totally different vibe from my usual baking. That's a wonderful thing! Tiny, bite-sized vacations! I first came across pastéis de nata while I was in London with some of my baker friends. Jeremiah pointed these pastries out to me when we were grabbing a quick coffee (of course he did!). Here's a picture of that very treat...


Jeremiah's passion for his Portuguese heritage is contagious. He shared many of the flavors with us when he baked in the tent. They were all so vibrant and very delicious. He's now developing a Portuguese baking cookbook. Yay!!! When he recently posted his recipe for pastéis de nata, I knew I needed to give them a go! 

Here's the link to the recipe if you'd like to try it out too. I made the custard a day ahead, used store-bought puff pastry to save some time, baked them in my mini-muffin tin, and they came out great! I overfilled them a bit, but no one needs to know that, so shhh. My family was really in to these. We gobbled them up with great speed. 

Below is the picture of my sweet little tarts. I love the bright, sunny color of the custard! 


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