Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Richter Cake...Outside

Outside...Gehrard Richter is someone I recommend looking up. I'll make it easy for you. Here's a link.  The painting above is true to his style during the 90s. The paint is scraped across the canvas to create captivating images. I love that these paintings are completely abstract. I appreciate the movement and colors. The texture and colors show me the artist's motion. Isn't that enjoyable to imagine!?! There is complexity, but it comes across in such a pure, straightforward way. It's the kind of art that keeps me in the present moment. That's always a gift. 

On a recent visit to the High Museum, my daughter made this Richter inspired painting of her own. She put dabs of paint and used cardboard pieces to scrape the paint across the paper. Thank you High Museum for making art so approachable for my kids and me! 


As I thought about the process, I couldn't help but to think about how I apply frosting to my cakes. Ever since buying Caitlin Freeman's book, I've been dying to make my own art inspired bake. When I saw the painting at the top, I knew I wanted to do this one. Upon close inspection, I noticed so many beautiful colors. At first I saw gray. Then I saw pink and green and orange. I had so much fun mixing my frosting colors!

Finally, I covered the cake with an intentionally under-mixed gray. Then I applied the colors with my off-set spatula. I could have spent a lot longer on this, but it was never meant to be a replica, just "inspired by". The perfectionist in me started to think it was a failure, but I'm trying to put that shit to bed. So, I'm happy with the result! 


Here's the painting again for comparison...


Thank you, Mr. Richter for inspiring me. Now I will destroy my "art" just as you have destroyed some of yours. Well, not exactly. I'm not going to burn it. I'll just have a slice. 

***Details on the inside of the cake here

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