Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Caramel Stewed Chicken + Rum Cake


Continuing my denial of life on the mainland, I made this rum cake. The recipe is from Once Upon a Chef  and it's definitely going in the keeper pile. I may experiment with adding some nuts, but it's good to go as it is. 

We made the above video to document the chicken process. It's a rustic, cozy, casual feast. We had so much fun cooking together! It's a treasure for me to learn about my friend's family and her food culture. She is from St. Thomas and their creative flavors and passion for thoughtfully prepared food shines through in this special dish. This chicken recipe is a blend of Marcella's family recipe and a version of caramel chicken from Trinadad. You start by making a caramel. Yes. Caramel. It's so delicious. The flavor is unique, but it's not too exotic for kids to enjoy. 

We were are happy as could be with our feast. The plantains, coconut and ginger rice, and veggies were great companions to the saucy chicken. 


Can we do it again? :) 

It takes a pretty amazing feast for me to almost forget about dessert. Almost. 


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  1. Reading the title of the post had me thinking something TOTALLY different. I was thinking there was chicken in the cake. The feast and cake look amazing and it looks like you had a great time!