Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Truffula Cake

Have you ever read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss? I have. Over and over and over... It's a favorite in our house. Anyway, there are "Truffula Trees" in the story, and, of course, they make me think about truffles. Now that I've read the story so many times, truffles make me think about truffulas. So, here's a Truffula Cake!


The cake part is this recipe cut in half and baked in two 6" pans. Freeze both cake rounds, but you'll only need one for this cake. Save the other for a rainy day, or for a day when your favorite team loses the Super Bowl in the most heartbreaking way. 


One the cake is frozen, make your ganache. I used a quarter batch of this recipe. Trim off any domed parts of the cake. Reserve the scraps to make the truffles. Prop your cake up on something, so that the ganache has somewhere to flow. I put mine on a cake stand that was the same diameter as the cake. Then I set the cake on the stand in a pie plate. You want to capture the ganache that runs off. 


Pour the ganache, while it is still warm, over the cake. Start in the middle and spiral your way out to the edges. Keep pouring until the cake is fully coated. Leave it in place to set for about an hour. Then, use a knife or offset spatula to clean up the bottom edge, and move the cake to another (clean) cake stand. 


The truffulas ;) are simply the cake scraps mixed with the extra ganache. Roll them in to tablespoon sized balls and coat with cocoa powder. Place a little or a lot on top of the cake. Slice the cake with a warmed knife. Voila! Easy peasy, but fancy too. 

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