Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cherry Marzipan Chocolate BIRTHDAY CAKE

I'll admit I became a little attached to this cake. I acknowledge that's a little weird. But, I'm just being honest. 

It's a unique cake for a friend's birthday. It's vanilla cake filled with sour cherry jam, homemade marzipan, and chocolate ganache. Love. Love. Love. 


I decorated the top with sprinkle covered cake truffles made with marzipan and vanilla cake. The whole thing is bathed in a shiny bittersweet ganache. Do you see why I became a little attached? 


It was so fun to assemble! I love cakes with lots of details and layers. The rhythm of stacking is meditative. Cake making is my yoga. Ommm. Yumm. 

I tested a few different color combos with the sprinkles. The gold and multi combo ended up being my favorite for this occasion. 

***QUICK RECIPE...To make the truffles, mix vanilla cake scraps on low with a paddle mixer. Add in small pea sized bits of marzipan until a "dough" starts to form. Roll in to balls (mine were 19g each by weight). Coat lightly with a bit of chocolate ganache. Roll in sprinkles. Chill until ready to serve.***


In the end I released the cake to its rightful owner. ;) 


But, I did enjoy munching in the spare truffles. Hehe.  


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