Thursday, January 19, 2017


I wanted to practice making puff pastry, so I did. Here's the recipe from King Arthur Flour I used. When I need a recipe for something basic they tend to be my go to spot. Once it was all made and baked I wanted to make some little treats that wouldn't require too much work. I had just made puff pastry and I didn't want any more major projects. 


When I want something decadent without a ton of effort, two components come to mind: whipped cream and chocolate ganache. They are both crowd pleasers and so simple. This time I added a splash of Frangelico to the ganache for a little extra somethin'.  

I cut the puff pastry in to small rectangles. Then I piped the ganache on to half of them. 

After I sandwiched them together, I used some puff scraps to create powdered sugar stripes. 


Simple, but makes them look a little extra oo la la. 

Finally, I did a squiggle of vanilla whipped cream on top. 


For the ganache, I heated 1/2c heavy whipping cream to a simmer. Then, I poured it over 170g of dark chocolate chips. After a few minutes, I stirred it until smooth. Once smooth, I added in 1/2tsp vanilla extract and 1tbsp Frangelico. I let this sit for ~1 hour until it was thick enough to be piped. 

These felt casual and fancy all at once. We ate them in the backyard after dinner. A touch of lovely to finish off a warm winter day. 

If you aren't working on your puff pastry skills, you could use a sheet of frozen puff pastry from the store and have a very easy dessert. 


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