Friday, January 27, 2017

PB&J mini CUPCAKES...first attempt

I am on a new mission to create some intensely flavored, peanut butter and jelly mini-cupcakes. The cake part is a cinch because I'm using the recipe I used for peanut butter and jelly petit fours. Instead of baking it in a sheet pan, I pipe it in to mini-cupcake wrappers. 


The frosting is not bad for a first attempt, but I'm looking for something that's not gentle on the grape flavor. I want juicy, bright grape-y-ness intensity. I could go easy on myself and make the frosting with freeze-dried strawberries like I did for my daughter's birthday cake last year. But, no, I want it to be grape flavored. Some Instagram friends had clever recommendations for me that I'm going to try out soon. 

I love a good baking hunt for the best way. Here's my documented craziness when I was looking for a natural pink cake. Also, here's the result of another peanut butter and jelly project...PB&J Babka

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