Monday, January 9, 2017

Lemon Bar Tart

I don't normally make lemon bars because they are my MIL's specialty. The only problem with her bars is that they disappear really fast when everyone is around. Well, when I saw Tutti Dolci's Meyer Lemon Bars pop up on my Instagram, I needed a lemon bar. My MIL lives really far away. So, I got busy on a batch.

As I read the recipe I realized it's for a 8x8 pan. I don't love my 8x8 pan. I made a substitution: 8x8 out, tart pan in. 

First the lemon curd, curd, curd. "Curd" is one of those words that sounds pretty funny if you repeat it a few times. Anyway, I assembled the ingredients. 

After whisking for what seemed like forever the curd created. 


On to the crust! I always get my ingredients together at the start. It's inevitable that I'll get distracted at some point in the making. This is the best way to not leave things out. 


After pressing the crumbly mixture in, bake it until a tad bit golden. If it puffs up (mine did), use a glass to press it back down and in to a nice shape. 


Fill with the cooled curd, curd, curd... Then, top with some reserved crust crumbles. 


Bake until golden brown...aaaah! 


Cool, chill, briefly freeze, dust with powdered sugar,  slice, and eat. 


Thought about crust:curd...I love the crust. As the recipe is written, it's a lot of crust to filling. I have no problem with this, but, if you want more lemon, the curd portion could definitely be doubled.  

Thoughts about the tart pan...I buttered it before pressing the crust in. If you make the 8x8 version, stick to Tutti Dolce's pan prep instructions. 

Thoughts on can be really gray and blah. Treat yourself to some sunny lemon bars asap! 


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