Monday, January 23, 2017

Latte Religieuse

Latte Religieuse. Please do ask me to pronounce this. It seriously gets me flustered. I know "stacked puffs" doesn't sound nearly as fancy, but I'm okay with that.

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When I made these in the tent, they almost sunk me. My first batch of pate a choux was too slack, and the puffs completely glued themselves to the baking paper. When I was trying to carefully lift them and they were breaking in half I wanted to cry. Like, I wanted to lay down in the tent and cry. When Nia came and gave me a comforting hug, I wanted to stop completely and just snuggle with her for a while. I felt totally overwhelmed. I don't know why my dough was so wet, but I probably added too much of something. 

When I decided to make a second batch I had to edit out almost all of the "extra" stuff that I had crackle or caramel for my puffs, no marshmallows or sugared mint leaves for the cake. I was soooooo sad, but I'm thankful that I wrote the recipes so that they could be edited on the fly. 

In the end, I did cry, but they were tears of relief, thankfulness, and joy. 

The recipe for the Caramel Latte Religa-something-or-another is here on

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