Sunday, January 22, 2017

Growing Out a Curly Pixie, 13 months

I try my best to follow through on things, and it's been nagging me that I never put a period on my pixie growing out experience. Here's a picture I took at 13 months of growning. I straightened it out so you could see the for-real length. What a long process! It was not without its challenges! When I found out I was going to be a baker on The Great American Baking Show, I was not too sure what to do about my hair. I almost pixie-d it again to save time when I was practicing. I'm glad I didn't. I may post again about it a year or so, but, for now, this bob you see above is the grand conclusion. ;) 

For all the updates... Here's 3 & 4 months of growth, 5 months6 months7 months8 months, and getting creative with twists aka trying to not look awful. 

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