Thursday, January 5, 2017

First Time for Everything

On New Years Eve I got to make a cake for a birthday celebration! This is the first time I've ever had the opportunity to make a cake for someone I didn't know. I wanted to make it extra special. 

Before assembling, I gathered all of the components in to one tiny bowl. I wanted to taste them together to make sure everything was just right. 

I was really pleased with the flavors so the cake was built. The little green swirls are homemade candied lime peel. 

I used different piping tips for each element to create texture and interest. On top of each caramel blob I put a pearl sprinkle/drageĆ©. 

I bought a cake box. I had my husband take a picture of me as I headed out to deliver the cake. Yep, I was that excited. 

The birthday girl and her sister who purchased the cake really loved the cake!  What a blast I had making this cake. Such an honor to be a part of someone's special day. x

If you'd like to make the lime marshmallow fluff, the recipe is here. It's great as a cake garnish or to make cookie sandwiches. 

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