Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pecan Frangipane Tart

You guys, this tart is wow enough to be my birthday cake.  It tastes like a nutty cherry pie. Oh me oh my, it's good! I subbed pecans for the almonds in this recipe from NY Times Cooking.  I also used a different recipe for the crust.  I'm sure this one is completely great, but I had one that I wanted to try out.

This was my first experience with frangipane.  It is surprisingly simple to make.  I also think the tart is pretty flexible.  You could probably sub in different fruits or nuts.  Just be careful with the texture and liquid content of the fruit.  The fresh cherries worked great, so let them be your guide for substitutions.

Side note...I'm trying to decide what to make for the Fourth of July.  Every year I say I am going to make a flag cake like this. But, like every other year, I'm feeling distracted.  I've become a little obsessed with making a Fraisier cake. I really want to attempt one.  I'll let you guys know what I decide...

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