Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pink Bunny Cake

The build up to this cake has been tremendous. It all started with a simple request from my daughter.  She wanted a "pink bunny cake" for her birthday cake.  After seeing that most pink cakes are strawberry cakes made with jello and lots of dye, I set out to make a dye-free pink cake.  I made cakes using raspberry pureestrawberry pureeraspberry puree with beetsbeet puree (steeped and strained) in white cakebeet puree (steeped and strained) in a more acidic batter, and, finally, freeze dried raspberries and freeze dried strawberries.  The conclusion was that the freeze dried berries were my favorite.  The flavor and texture of the cakes worked, but the color was faint.  I wanted "WOW"! The freeze dried berries just weren't potent enough in the batter, but they did lead me to something special. 

I found some recipes that use freeze dried berries to make dye-free frosting. That's what I ultimately decided was best.  Most recipes online are for a cream cheese buttercream with the fruit added in.  Since I wanted to use raspberries, I felt like the didn't need the cream cheese for added tang.  Raspberries already have enough oomph.  

I needed a lot of frosting, but the frosting recipe was basically 3-3 1/2 cups of powdered sugar for every cup of butter.  Then, I processed the freeze dried in to a powder and sifted them in.  I didn't measure the berries because I put as much as I wanted for color. Their flavor is strong enough that a lot or a little will be enough to taste. You can thin the frosting as needed with cream or whole milk.  The brightness of the fruit helps to balance the heaviness of the buttercream. It's one of my favorite frostings I've made.

I made King Arthur Flour's Tender White Cake recipe.  I only made a few small changes: I used bleached, all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, I omitted the almond extract and added a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

As for the birthday girl, she was thrilled!  That was what I wanted most of all. So, I'm happy too.


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