Monday, March 14, 2016

Things I Want to Eat

I find so many outstanding recipes online. I could cook everyday from now until forever, and I could maybe make half of the recipes I want to make. It's amazing how many delicious things there are to make and eat! Here are a few that really caught my eye.

This Asparagus Tart from Well Plated makes me want to eat my veggies.

Sometimes even gluten-free treats make me pause. These Ginger Oat & Pistachio Bars by Seven Grams are gluten and dairy-free. They look like something that could seriously challenge my self control...just one more

I've also been craving some coffee cake like this one by Clouds of Cream. Equal parts cake and crumb? Yes, yes, yes, please! 

Okay, here's one more thing you must see. This cutie. He has his own Instagram account, @zekethegoldendoodle. Oh me, oh my! Zeke, you are adorable. 

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