Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Growing Out a Curly Pixie

When you cut your hair really short everyone tells you that you are brave. Okay, maybe, but it really isn't that hard to get your hair chopped off. You know what's hard? Growing it out. You know what's brave? Going out in to public when you know you look really crazy/awful/unkempt. Maybe I'm being dramatic, but it's definitely more challenging for me to grow than it is to cut. 

I'm growing out my pixie cut currently. Here's my progress so far. Oh, let me also mention...curly hair takes even longer to show growth. Whaa whaa. 

I'll keep you posted on the progress. 

Ultimate goal...

Oo la la.

5 Months

1 comment:

  1. Agreed! Cutting is the easy part, growing hair out stinks! :D