Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pink Cake...Third Attempt

I have tried raspberry cake, strawberry cake, and now beet/raspberry cake. 

Last night, I grated up the deeply colorful beet...

According to the recipe, I steeped it in a milk and raspberry mixture, puréed the mixture, and added it to my butter, sugar, and egg white mixture...

I did a ton of dishes...

I felt excited! Could this be the one!? The color looked good when the cakes came out of the oven...

When I carved off the domes to make level cakes, the trouble started. The cakes are raw inside! So bummed. 

Feeling sad, but hopeful still, I gave it a taste. I figured if it was tasty I could play around with times and temps to remedy the consistency problem. Well, I won't have to try that because the cake tastes awful! It tastes like raspberry bread with an unpleasant, grainy texture.

Current mood: annoyed, but still determined. 



  1. Well its definitely a stronger pink :) Maybe the puree made the cake more muffin like? Do you want the raspberry flavor or was it just for color?
    I've seen others boil the beet in low water and then use the dyed water as their food coloring. I'm very determined for the beet to work here haha.
    Good luck with your experiments. I enjoy watching your process. :)

    1. Yes, the color is pretty great. I do like the flavor of strawberry or raspberry, but I'm not completely attached. I've been using recipes that are written as natural pink cake, but I think I will do better with a tried and true recipe. Next time, I am going to make a white cake that I know I like, but I'm going to add color with a beet in a similar way to what you mentioned. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that will be the winner. Thanks for following along on my crazy ride. ;)