Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pink Cake...Sixth & Seventh Attempts

I may never buy a beet again in my life.  I have moved on, and it's a good thing.

Since I liked the flavor and color of the raspberry puree attempt and the strawberry puree attempt at dye-free pink cake, I decided to revisit the fruit options.  I've read a lot of recipes that use freeze dried fruit in baked goods when fresh or frozen is not a great option.  This got my wheels turning.

I decided to try making a white cake (because yellow cake is yellow) with powdered freeze-dried fruit as my natural pink dye.  Freeze dried fruit packs a lot of flavor, and the freeze-drying process preserves the color.  I reduced the flour slightly to keep the cake from being too dry.  Then, I turned the fruit in to powder using my blender (a food processor would probably be better).

I made a raspberry cake, and I made a strawberry cake.  After so many tests I need to have a big cake eating party!  Here are the lovely, soft pink results...

Raspberry on top, and strawberry on the bottom. The texture is tender and moist.  The color is not very intense, but it is a pleasant soft pink shade.  I like the flavor of both the raspberry and strawberry cakes.  I think they are both pink enough to work, so I would recommend going with whichever fruit you prefer.  

In my next pink cake post, I'll share the recipe (finally!).


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