Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pink Cake...Fifth Attempt

Let me just cut to the chase. This one didn't work either. I planned on stopping these shenanigans, but I couldn't help myself. I had to try a beet batter with more acid.

I steeped the beet purée in buttermilk this time.

The batter was made with baking powder, and I swapped out a egg yolk for an extra white. 

The batter was pretty gorgeous. Here's the bowl after I had filled my pans. 

The cake was super yellow this time. I think the extra acid did help to keep some of the beet color. It was enough to keep it yellow, but it certainly isn't pink! 

I don't think I can give this up, but it may be a little bit before I try again. 

I did some research on hibiscus, but I read that the flavor is pretty strong. I considered wine as a color enhancer, but that's probably not ideal for a three year olds birthday cake. Ha! The next thing I will most likely use will be freeze dried berries. They work in frosting, so maybe cake too. I'll be sure to update you guys when I get up my oomph again. 


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