Monday, February 22, 2016

Gen Xer or Millennial?

Friends who are younger have always seemed so different from people who are older. Not like waaaay younger compared with waaaay older, but I'm talking about people within a year or two. I figured it was just me. I've wondered if everyone feels this way, but I realized recently that it may not just be in my head. I may feel like I'm in the middle of two very different groups because I am. I was born on the cusp between two generations: Generation X and the Millennials.

Atlanta Magazine's February issue is all about Millennials.  Typically, I identify with people older than me, and the magazine definitely confirmed my feelings. As I read the stories about the Millennials, I did not identify with much of what they had to say. Then, I came across an interesting quiz, you can see it in the picture. Yep, definitely more of a Gen Xer here. Then, I found this BuzzFeed quiz.  It says I'm in the middle.  No wonder it's a little confusing. Finally, I took this quiz, "How Millennial Are You?", and I am very Millennial on this one. Ay yi yi. Apparently the identity crisis runs deep. Maybe it depends on my mood?

Well, as a nod to my "Friends" loving Generation X, I decided to whip up a batch of Phoebe's Grandma's Cookies. You know, "Nesele Tolouse". If you want to watch the clip from the "Friends" episode, here you go.  I'll spare you the recipe, since you know where to find it.

After all of my pink cake trials, it was nice to make something straightforward.  I read the recipe, I made the recipe.  The cookies taste like the chocolate chip cookies of my childhood, probably because they are! My mom didn't really make chocolate chip cookies, but I'm pretty sure these are the cookies that were made and consumed at church potlucks and family get-togethers.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be feeling more Millennial.  If so, I'll make some cupcakes and eat them in the tub like Hannah. Actually, no.  That's super gross.


  1. I've always identified with both. I was "neither" on the Buzzfeed quiz, and gen X on the other... it is hard for me when they quiz about tv shows etc, because that was not part of my life growing up. ☺
    It's probably somewhat old now, but I always really liked this chart and found it interesting for analyzing all the generational differences and because it's been true in dealing with people of all ages!

    1. I really like that chart. So interesting! Thanks. I am sometimes the same on the tv and music stuff too. Not all was banned, but a lot was not allowed. :)