Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chocolate Babka Babka Babka

Why "babka" 3 times? Because it's fun to say. Babkas are all the rage these days, according to Bon Appetit. They've declared "babka is the new bagel".  That's a bold statement.  Of course, I needed to give it a try in my kitchen.  Here's the swirly, chocolate result...

I used this recipe from Food and Wine because it looked the best in the pictures. I can't resist a chocolate glaze. The dough proofs overnight in the fridge. You shape your loaves the next day. The directions for how to shape the babka had me all kinds of confused. The instructions were fine, but I am a picture person. I should have taken photos for you guys, but I was busy getting my babka on. To create a visual, I drew out the steps. I can practically hear my bff laughing at me over in Germany. Stop it, Aileen.

To put it simply, you spread, roll, spread, twist...

Hope my doodles help you get to finish line with ease.

The result of all this rolling and twisting is a kitchen that smells like a chocolate factory and a really happy family.  The recipe makes two loaves. I froze one for a future treat, and the other loaf will probably be gone before the day is over.  It does require a little bit of planning since you have to start the day before, but the hands-on time is relatively minimal.  Babka, babka, babka.

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