Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sweet or Salty?

The new year is in full swing.  No major resolutions here.  I am just going to keep on keepin' on.  Hope you are off to a fantastic start.  If it's not fantastic, I hope it's at least mostly good.

I tried a new recipe a few nights ago...GOUGERES! Fancy name for the savory version of cream puffs.  You make them with the same pate a choux dough, but instead of sweet fillings and toppings you mix in cheese and other savory bits.  I made cheddar cheese and chive gougeres because I wanted to make a post for Joy the Baker's #bakingbootcamp challenge.  They were very, very delicious.  For all of the recipe details, please visit her site. I made mine humongous so we could use them as sandwich buns. Yummers!

Last year, okay only a couple of weeks ago, I made the sweet version of her recipe.  Dark chocolate cream puffs!  Of course they were a hit. Cream puffs never disappoint, never ever. Here's a picture of the tastiness.  Now I want to make more.

If you are a curious about other magical things you can make with this wonder dough, say "hello" to the Paris-Brest or these crazy good eclairs.

Happy New Year! x

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