Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cooking with Kids

I include my daughter in as much cooking and baking as I possibly can. I wish I could say it's magical and fun. It is, but it is also challenging. You see, I like order. Toddlers are the opposite of order. 

Here are some of things I do to stay sane...

Prep ingredients. Sometimes I let her measure, but other times I measure ahead of time. At the very least, have all of your ingredients out in one spot. Toddlers can do crazy things if you turn your back even for a moment. Ask me sometime about the milk in the water gun incident. Yikes. 

If you expect it, you won't be bugged by it. I *try* to accept the mess as part of the process. 

As much as possible, let them have little tastes. It's fun to see their reactions to new things. It also keeps them really engaged. I like to taste things as I cook too, so I get it. 

It is worth the effort to see how excited they are when they see their masterpieces. Kids love to feel like they are an important part of the team. Don't we all? 

***I will be baking more over the next few days, but I'm headed in to hibernation until January. I'll post some pictures of our feasting then. Happy Holidays! Stay lucky!***

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