Saturday, October 24, 2015

Whiskey + Rye Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

Apparently I should stop making anything other than chocolate chip cookies. There are so many interesting variations!  The newest one to cross my screen was this whiskey and rye version.

The story behind the cookie is interesting. It was developed as a culinary school project. The students adjusted, re-adjusted, tested, and re-tested their recipe. What they came up with is pretty delicious. 

This cookie is made with a touch of rye whiskey, rye flour, 72% cocao chunks and ground bits, and dark brown sugar. I didn't make the vanilla salt in the recipe, but otherwise I tried not to veer. 

My thoughts...excellent flavor (maybe the whiskey?), beautiful appearance (I like the speckles, slightly grainy texture, slightly salty, delicious chocolatey flavor.

Would I make them again? No. They were good, but the graininess wasn't loved in our house. The ground chocolate was good, but not worth the effort. They were fun to make and eat, but they weren't quite good enough to become the new usual.  

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