Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Moon Cake/Baking in a Bowl

Did you know you can bake a cake in a bowl? Well, if you didn't know, you know now. I saw Martha Stewart bake a hedgehog cake on tv the other day. She baked it in a bowl. My mind was blown. 

I wanted to make a moon cake for my son's first birthday, so I was thrilled to see an option that didn't require special equipment or carving. 

I split my favorite chocolate cake between a 9" round and a mixing bowl. I put a little more batter in the cake round because I didn't want to bowl to be too deep. 

I baked them both at 350F until the round was done (~30 minutes). Then, I dropped the temperature to 325F, and continued baking the bowl (~5 more minutes). 

After cooling, I trimmed the domes and filled and crumb coated the "moon". The part baked in the bowl is slightly over done around the edge, but it's still totally delicious. 

The moon was finished off with an Oreo buttercream.  You could get some gray or black food coloring, but I wanted to use the cookies. Then, I accessorized with planets and an astronaut.  

For his smash cake, I made a little sun for my son. ;)

All of this left me wondering...what else could I bake in? Uh oh. This could get out of hand quickly. 

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