Friday, October 16, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe...I Quit

So, I quit. Yep, I quit. I know there's a major stigma against quitting, but, sometimes, it's best to cut your losses.  I am no longer doing a capsule wardrobe. I really like the principles behind Un-Fancy's minimal capsule wardrobes, but it's not for me.

Let me be really transparent with you all for a bit. I am a rule maker. I make rules for myself constantly. I create rules for my exercise, eating habits, sleep, housekeeping, blogging, etc. All of my rules often lead to good things, but sometimes my rules make me sad or stressed. That means that some of my rules are not productive in a positive way. Sometimes being too rigid takes my joy away. The minimal wardrobe thing was doing just exactly that. 

Here's what I learned... Since I don't have a shopping/spending problem, I don't need to create more rules in this area. (Is that a rule about rules?) There's no reason for me to pack away things that I enjoy just so I can be minimal. Like most things, a minimal closet has its time and place, but not in my house! :)


  1. You have too many nice clothes to limit your outfit choices :o)
    I think part of the idea of a minimal wardrobe is to aid people that aren't able to easily coordinate on their do not have this problem!

    1. :) Thank you...All I know is it was NOT FUN! Oh well, had to try.