Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Baking Bootcamp + Joy the Baker & King Arthur Flour

I'm wild about Joy the Baker (have you read her blog?). I'm crazy for King Arthur Flour (have you seen them on Instagram?). Put them together for a Baking's irresistible!  For the record, this is not fake excitement. There is a contest, but the winner is chosen at random. I just really, really like the bootcamp thing. Remember these apple pie biscuits and these cheesy olive rolls from the last one?

This bootcamp starts with Chocolate Hazelnut Rolls made with a quick puff pastry. Yeah, you read that correctly. You make your own puff pastry! It was easier than I expected, and I really enjoyed the experience. 

It starts with a lot of butter. Like, 20 tablespoons!

Then, flour, salt, and water create this crumbly mess of a dough. 

After some rolling, folding, and repeating, you end up with this lovely, laminated dough. 

After some chill time, you roll it waaaay out (hand for scale purposes). 

Spead and sprinkle it with your fillings (Nutella, hazelnuts, and dark chocolate!).  

Roll it up. Slice it. Bake it. (raw on the left and baked on the right)

Finally, snap a picture for the Instagram contest. Try to get a good one before grabby hands sneak in. :)

The recipe by Joy the Baker and her detailed instructions are all right here


  1. Chocolate hazelnut rolls??? YES PLEASE! They look delicious!
    Also I love G's painted nails <3

  2. They are pretty much perfect. I'd send you one, but we ate them all! 😁