Monday, September 7, 2015

Macrina's Apple Pie

Pie is tricky.  I'm suspicious of anyone who says that it's easy.  There are a lot of variables and components.  I've made pies with beautiful crusts, but the filling has been under cooked and crunchy.  I've made pies with golden top crusts, but the bottom has been doughy.  The good news is, that they are almost always edible. ;)

When I saw this recipe by Macrina Bakery in Bon Appetit this month, I was excited.  The apples are roasted ahead of time.  This ensures that you will not end up with raw apples.  Excellent! Also, the roasting allows the apples to loose some juice and concentrate in their flavor.  Excellent x 2!  

I had to cover the edge of my crust to keep it from browning too much.  I've run in to trouble doing that before too.  Today, I finally got smart!  Instead of cobbling together small strips of foil to cover the edge (I hope I'm not the only goofball to do this?), I used one piece.  I pulled out a sheet of foil that could cover the whole pie.  Then, I cut out a hole that was about two inches smaller than the diameter of the dish.  Finally, I shaped it using a cake pan of the same size.  That way, when I pulled the hot, hot pie out, I didn't burn my fingers trying to place the foil.  I slipped my pre-shaped cover on, and quickly got my pie back in to the oven.  It looks like an astronaut! 

Thank you, Macrina Bakery, for sharing your most delicious apple pie recipe!  It was a pleasure to make, and a treat to eat!  

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