Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookies Get European

You know that I'm WiLd about chocolate chip cookies. I mean, who isn't? Only crazy people. On this blog you've seen me make...

basic chocolate chip cookies,

ice cream cookie cake, &

chocolate chip macaroons.

I've dipped cookies in chocolate, &

even given you a round up of my favorite chocolate chip cookies.

So, when I saw this post by The fauxMartha, I was totally intrigued.  It was a new and different chocolate chip cookie.  It uses Kerrygold European Butter.  European butter in a chocolate chip cookie? You have my attention.

I quickly procured my ingredients and whipped up a batch.  The butter is incorporated while it's cold! Wackyness! The proportions of ingredients are adjusted to work with the extra fat in the butter. The dough looks a bit dry when it's mixed, but don't worry. After baking, they look a bit under cooked.  Again, don't worry.  Once you transfer them to the cooling rack, the recipe becomes a lesson in extreme patience. You (try to) wait for 1 hour before taking a bite! 

When you finally get to munch, you find out that they are totally fantastic! They are rich. The outside has the best crunch. It reminds me of those cheeses that have little crystallized bits in them. You know what I mean?  The inside is creamy and soft. Oh, my.

I really hope you'll treat yourself to a batch of these soon.  Well, don't treat yourself to the whole batch.  Eat one or two, and use the rest to impress your best friends and family.

Here's the link to the recipe and post by The fauxMartha.  FM, thank you for sharing this treat with the world.   

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