Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Smooth Like Butter(cream)

Have you heard about the recent trend of adult coloring books?  I've heard that it's great for our health.  I think it is supposed to help with stress, help with mental aging, etc.  It sounds pleasant.  I'd be open to coloring. 

In the meantime, frosting cakes is my coloring.  I love the process.  It's very relaxing, like a meditation.  I enjoy sloppy frosting, but today I tried to make it very smooth.  It isn't that easy to do!  I watched an instructional video on YouTube.  It was very helpful...and mesmerizing.  I felt a bit hypnotized at the end.

To follow the instructions in the video completely I needed to have a few more tools.  A bench scraper and a turntable might end up on my Christmas list. ;)  For now, I just used my off-set spatula and cake stand.  With those, I was able to follow the general techniques demonstrated.  You frost the cake roughly with too much frosting.  Then, you slowly, smoothly remove it. 

You see my result is certainly not a perfectly smooth surface, but it is the smoothest cake I have ever made.  I'm quite happy with that!  I used Swiss meringue buttercream frosting.  I'm really in to that lately.  It's less sweet than American buttercream (butter and powdered sugar), and it is waaaay more silky.  It was the perfect medium for my study in smoothness.  

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