Friday, February 13, 2015

Sunk to a New Low

Yep, I made cake in a microwave. I've seen "microwave mug cakes" here and there online. I figured they'd be gross, but my curiosity got the best of me. 

I used a recipe from Pop Sugar for red velvet cake. In five microwaved minutes we had a cake! I don't know if this should make me happy or very sad. Part of the fun of cake is the care that goes into prepping it, and then enjoying the wait while it bakes and cools. Microwaved cake is definitely way less romantic. 

How was it? It was tough in spots and tender in other spots.  It surprisingly looked and tasted like cake. It would scratch the itch if you had a mega cake craving, but oven baked cakes are definitely worth the time and effort. If I didn't have an oven, I'd probably make this occasionally, but, since I do have a oven, this will probably be the only time I do this. 

Hopefully your Valentine's Day is a little sexier than microwaved cake. As for me, I hope mine will include chocolate. Hint. Hint. ;)

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