Wednesday, January 7, 2015


After you spend half your morning trying to pronounce my made up word, you might want to make some Waffleignets. This morning I tried out King Arthur Flour's recipe for "Belgian-Style Yeast Waffles". 

Quick verdict: delicious. 

Longer verdict: They don't taste like waffles. They have more of a yeasty doughnut flavor. That's why I mixed the words "waffle" and "beignets" together. If you want the taste of a beignet, but with a slightly different texture, you will be thrilled with the result. Would be delicious with powdered sugar and chicory coffee. 

Dessert mash-ups (think Cronut) seem to be a food trend continuing in to 2015. I just saw a Mille-Feuille and ├ęclair love child on Instagram yesterday. So, this beignet-waffle hybrid is not only delicious, but trendy too. Oo la la.

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