Friday, January 2, 2015

Cookies, Cake, and Abs?

As far as hobbies go, I have two main interests: food and health.  Sometimes these work together nicely when the food is of the healthy variety, but it's not the healthy food that makes my mind spin. Sweets, and more specifically baked goods, are what capture my attention.  As far as health, I like thinking about the psychological side of it. I really think that living a healthy lifestyle is strongly rooted in your brain.  I like to think about what makes us feel satisfied?  Why do we have cravings?  What is the difference between a splurge and a binge?

Blah. Blah. Blah.  I could go on, but, my point is, my passions are often at odds.  I want to eat desserts and I also want to be healthy.  You may have noticed this weird theme on this very blog.  I think I'm doing okay in my attempts at balancing my passions.  It's not perfect, but it's not awful either.

Here's one thing I've come to.., It is easy to abstain completely, and it is easy to go completely wild.  It is very hard to only have a reasonable amount. Damn, moderation!  For me, I can feel satisfied and enjoy a splurge without over doing it if I plan ahead.

Example: If I bake an entire batch of cookies, I am pretty much guaranteed to eat waaaaay too many.  However, if I make a batch, freeze some, and bake what I think is reasonable I will only eat that portion.  I try to have enough to scratch the itch, but the rest of my sweets get shared, frozen, or (sadly) trashed.

Anyway, cooking small amounts really helps me let my two areas of interest coexist peacefully. Also, I figured this might be somewhat on topic considering all the talk about resolutions lately.  It's fun for me to occasionally indulge myself and type out my thoughts.  I hope this post isn't too preachy, not meant to be. ♥

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  1. Not preachy at all! ☺

    I tend to like the moderation approach as well, unfortunately I've been losing that battle the past couple months, and now I need to get back on track with more of the healthful side of things. :p