Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Last week we had a string of rainy days.  I tend to be a fan of dreary weather, but, after a while, even I get a bit antsy.  Instead of fighting the weather (there would be no point...duh), I decided to go with the mood.

Blueberry coffee cake seemed to be the right fit for the gloomy atmosphere.  I've made a few coffee/crumb cakes before, and I get really bugged when the crumbs are too crumbly and they fall off the cake.  This time I made this recipe.  The crumbs stayed on nicely and the cake was nice and moist.

This recipe's average rating is five out of five stars.  I would give it the same.  We had a few slices, and then I froze the rest for future rainy (or snowy!) days.  I took a piece out the next day to make sure it was tasty after being frozen, and it held up nicely.

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