Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dear Ina...

Dear Ina,

I entered your contest to win a signed Make It Ahead cookbook.  I didn't win.  I was sad.  Maybe it was my pregnancy hormones, but I was really sad.  I only allowed myself to think about it for a short time, and then I got over it by cooking...more of your recipes.  I made Beef Bourguignon...your five star recipe.  It was very tasty, and it filled my house with an incredible aroma.
I didn't pose this.  When I was cooking the onions for the beef bourguignon this smiley just appeared...happy onions.

Next, as you may already know, I made a flour-less chocolate cake that was topped with chocolate ganache...your easy and decadent recipe.

Then, I was kind of wanting to do something non-Ina.  No offence meant, but, since was trying to get over my sadness about losing, I thought a diversion might be necessary.  I decided to make an Apple Crostata.  After looking up recipes, I couldn't help but notice that your recipe has over 100 reviews and, like many of your other recipes, it gets five out of five stars.  You can guess what I did.  I made it.  It was delicious.  Thank you for another lovely bite.  The crostata almost made me forget about losing, almost.


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