Monday, June 23, 2014

Ugly Chic

I am all about the rare moments when fashion trends and comfort collide.  It's even better when this mash-up happens to involve footwear.  This summer, Birkenstock sandals have been dubbed the "it" shoe for your Sunday Fundays.  My only problem is the price.  They aren't that expensive, $130, but I don't want to pay very much at all for a trend that is made for tromping through muddy festival fields.

I found a solution...

These were about $20 on  These are a pregnant woman's dream shoe.  Did I mention we are expecting a baby in October? ♥ Sorry in advance if you don't like baby, pregnancy, food, or comfortable fashion posts.  It's pretty much all I can think about.

Back to the shoes.  If you want...
...the real-deal, original Birkenstock, here they are on
...a heal strap and snake print, check out these on
...hippie shoes for your little one, teeny moccasins at

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