Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Warby Parker Experience

I recently bought a new pair of glasses.  I know that there is a lot of buzz about Warby Parker glasses, so I gave them a shot.

Here's how I shopped...
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First, I went to an optical boutique to try on frames.  I found a pair I liked, but I wanted a different color. Then, I took to the internet for some research. I decided to check out Warby Parker.  I ordered a home try-on kit.  I continued thinking about the other pair I had seen in the store.  I received my try-on kit, and I was disappointed (more on that in a sec).  Ultimately, I ordered the more expensive pair that had originally caught my eye.

What not to do...
If you want Warby Parkers to work for you, do not try on any other glasses.  Repeat after me: You get what you pay for.  Since I started with higher-end frames, the quality of the Warby frames was startling.  They felt like something I would find in the dollar spot at Target.  The styles were cool, hipster-y.  I just couldn't see past the cheap feeling I got from them.

This isn't meant to be a bad review...
The try-on at home idea is excellent.  They arrived quickly, and it was completely free.  I can't comment on the lenses since I didn't get that far, but the frames are adequate.  If you are the type to have multiple pairs of glasses to suit your mood they might be perfect for you.  If you aren't concerned with the feeling of the frame, but you care about the look, definitely check them out.  I also appreciate that they do not advertise the brand on the frame itself.  That kind of subtlety is hard to find.

The gist...
I think Warby Parker glasses are great for some people and not so great for others.  I keep each pair of my glasses for a while, so I decided the extra money for extra quality was worth it.  My advice, consider what is important to you in a pair of glasses, your budget, and expectations, then make your choice.

*For more details about their service and prices here is a link to the Warby Parker site. 

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