Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Surprising Sandwich Love

Before I met my husband, I never gave much thought to sandwiches.  I ate them occasionally, but I wouldn't say that I ever craved a sandwich.  That all changed when I met Chris.  He loves sandwiches (I think it's a guy thing?).  Slowly, but surely, he has converted me into a sandwich lover too!  I find myself actually wanting to have a sandwich, instead of just eating it because it's there.

One of our favorite sandwiches to make is a little bizarre, but oh so tasty.  It's two slices of the bread of your choice, ham, pineapple, fresh mozzarella, jalapenos, and cilantro.  Sounds crazy, right?  We didn't create it.  He found the recipe in Men's Journal (I think?).  It's now one of our go-to quick lunches.

There's a sandwich shop down in Atlanta that I'm dying to try, Victory Sandwich Bar. They've been getting love from Bon Appetit, and they tend to know what's good.  Have any of you tried it out?

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  1. That sounds delish! Victory Sandwich Bar is pretty good- very hipster vibe, satisfying sandwiches but especially their jack & coke slushies! :)