Monday, March 11, 2013

Coffee Love

I really love coffee.  Coffee shops are the first thing that I look up when we move to a new area.  I feel a strong urge to visit each one to make my evaluation. This is a habit that continues when we vacation. I Google the top shops and we make our rounds.  A little over the top?  Maybe, but at least it's a cheap date.

I found this interesting site that shares coffee statistics.  Here were the three that I found most interesting:
"Women indicated that drinking coffee is a good way to relax. Men indicated that coffee helps them get the job done." 
"Coffee statistics show that among coffee drinkers the average consumption in the United States is 3.1 cups of coffee per day." 
"35% of coffee drinkers prefer black coffee."
I like to have food with coffee, savory or sweet.  Mostly, I drink my coffee black (either brewed or an Americano).  Occasionally, I'll add a splash of milk, and even less often I'll have a latte (no syrup!).

How do you take yours?  


  1. Hi Amanda!
    I'm a coffee nut too! I've gotten to the point it's a bit of an obsession. I've gone from the "old fashioned" Mr. Coffee machine to my thermal professional grade Bunn, from my cheap Krups grinder to a Bodum burr grinder. And I ALWAYS buy my beans whole, my fav place is the Mayorga Coffee Roaster Factory in Rockville (Zekes from Baltimore are a close second, especially in spring and summer when they have a stand at our local farmers market). If I have time on the way to work I swing by there and get some FRESHLY roasted beans! OH, and I have 2 French presses. I think I may have a problem....:)

  2. Hi Sharon! It's always nice to know a fellow coffee lover/addict. :) I really like Mayorga too. I haven't tried Zekes, but now I'll have them on my radar. Thanks for the scoop.