Monday, February 4, 2013

The Coupe

Today I spent some time in the city. There was an art exhibit and a new-ish restaurant that I wanted to check out. I know that once the baby arrives I will not be as free to linger in coffee shops or to leisurely stroll in museums, so I am trying to take advantage of my time now.

My first stop was The Coupe in Columbia Heights.  It's by the "creators" of Tryst, Open City, and The Diner.  I have enjoyed all of their other restaurants, so I figured I should check out their newest addition.  At first glance, it looks and feels very similar to Tryst, but once I had settled in I realized that, while they are similar, The Coupe is a little bit prettier. They still have a casual atmosphere with mismatched furniture and silverware, but it has a touch of elegance.  It still walks the line of coffeehouse, bar, restaurant, but with a bit more refinement. Another major difference is that it is open around the clock.  They serve breakfast all day and have other offerings depending on the day part.

I was there super early so I went for their house coffee and the chicken biscuit.  The coffee came with a few animal crackers, just as it does at their other establishments.  It is their special blend created by Counter Culture Coffee, strong with a hint of berries. The chicken biscuit was just what this Southerner was craving.  The biscuit was very rich, almost creamy.  Inside were two pieces of fried chicken (one light meat, one dark meat).  I was really happy that they weren't overly greasy. The star of the dish is the not-too-sweet pepper jelly.  It was a little spicy and a little sweet, also known as perfect.  On top was a giant slab of honey butter.  The whole stack was way too large to eat as a sandwich, so I deconstructed it on my plate.  I enjoyed every buttery, fried, sweet honey bite.

The service was what I expected, and I would say it was friendly and attentive enough.  They do not hover in the same way that servers do in most restaurants.  I like this because I was there to hang out, eat, and read.  If you want to eat in a hurry I would recommend telling the server this from the get-go to save yourself from a possible frustrating experience.

From the restaurant, I went to the Hirshhorn.  The experience there was far too rich to tack on to this post, so I will save those details for another day.

Happy Monday!

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