Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rise and Shine

Lately, I've been getting up a lot throughout the night.  At some point I decide that I've had enough and I start the day.  That's been happening earlier and earlier.  Lesson learned from this experience: Don't tell a pregnant lady to "sleep while you can".  I've heard this from many friends, and I just smile.  In reality, I think anyone who says they are thinking about getting pregnant should sleep while they can.  Because, at least for me, as soon as I fell pregnant peaceful sleep became nonexistent. 

What do I do with all this extra time in the morning? I eat. In an effort to not wake Chris, and because I'm lazy in the morning, I've been eating granola and yogurt almost every day.  We are still trying to perfect our granola recipe.  I really like it, but Chris says it's not quite where it needs it to be, so we keep making small tweaks with each batch.  

What's your go-to breakfast? 

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  1. When I became diabetic I had to switch to a protein drink for breakfast and then I had to start eating before I went to bed so thats when I eat my yogurt. Now that I'm nursing I'm starving all the time, so for now I've kept the protein drink and the midnight snack. ;)