Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cube Light

After my breakfast at The Coupe I headed to the Hirshhorn Museum to see the Ai Weiwei exhibit, According to What?  Ai Weiwei works in various mediums to make social and political statements.  At the Hirshhorn exhibit there were photographs, sculptures, installations, films, and photography.

Here is Cube Light, an example of one of his installations...

The cube was probably about 12-15 feet square, made of metal, crystal, and lights. You can't quite see in the picture here, but it is suspended so that it appears to hover just above the ground.  It's golden glow was beautiful and hypnotic.  I felt a bit like a bug being uncontrollably drawn to a light as I entered the room. Weiwei's inspiration was from a scene in a film where shaking crystal symbolized the "instability of a society undergoing profound change".  I tried to view it with this in mind, but personally it gave me a feeling of peaceful meditation.  It seemed magical.     

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