Friday, January 18, 2013

Whoomp, There It Is

True confession... When I was in elementary school, Step Aerobics was the workout du jour.  I was in a group of kids sponsored by Nike and we demoed Step Aerobics at malls and arenas.  Our choreographer was from California and had a hair wrap.  We practiced at a local gym, and all the female adult trainers wore thong bodysuits over leggings, ew.  It was all so very 90s.

Anyway, the other day I heard "Whoomp, There It Is", and was instantly taken back. That was the song that we used for our mall demos.  If I still had my step, I'm quite sure I could do the full routine.  It would be hilarious.  As an adult, I have to wonder why they picked this song for children's aerobics? Hmm.

Happy Friday!


  1. hahaha I LOVE this song. It was so popular our school banned us from singing it.

  2. Haha! That's funny! I can just image a little Aileen running around singing "Whoomp, There It Is". Cute and disturbing all at once. :)