Sunday, December 16, 2012

Country Life 1st Birthday

Today makes one year in the country...
It's gone by so fast!  Just like any year there have been fun (canoeing), difficult (power outages), happy (being outside), and even scary (lots of snakes) moments.  Overall, I am so glad that we made this crazy lifestyle change.  I still feel like a city girl in the country, and that may never change.  Either way, I love it!

Here are some of the standouts (in no particular order):
#1-SCARY The scariest moment came one night when I heard the screen door open and then close.  I was terrified that someone with a sinister agenda was breaking into my house!  After a sleepless night, I realized that it wasn't a human that was trying to join me for the evening.  Instead, it was a bear!  The giant muddy paw prints on my door were a giveaway.  *Side note, bears have also broken into our car! Craziness!

#2-FUN The first half of the year (pre-pregnancy) we had a blast tasting the fruits of the vine.  There are so many vineyards and wineries around here.  I can't wait to get back to it.

#3-BEST MEAL My birthday diner at The Butcher Station was perfect.  Their food is so fresh and prepared with care.  We normally go for lunch, but the dinner was a special treat.  It's is always delicious, and the atmosphere is inviting to everyone.  I've seen people in sport coats sipping wine, and I've seen guys in overalls eating with their hands.  Both seemed totally at home.  Love that.

My experiences at The Butcher Station pretty much sums up what I find most appealing about rural living.  The people are welcoming and casual.  It's nice to relax a bit and enjoy the kindness.

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