Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We are Different, and That's Okay

I didn't want to get political here, but it's in the air. Contrary to popular practice, I think that political opinions are best when kept personal and private.  It is my experience that when people with opposing opinions engage each other it doesn't normally bring about great thoughts, but instead it brings about big arguments.  When people with similar opinions engage each other it doesn't normally bring about a feeling of camaraderie, but instead they share their mutual dislike for the other side.  That is why I try to keep my thoughts to myself.  I would rather view my family and friends as my loved ones, not as political friends or enemies. The people I care about don't always have everything in common with me, but that's why I am drawn to them.  I love that we are from different places, we have different physical features, and we have different interests.  So, instead of dwelling on our political differences or similarities I'd rather focus on topics that are more conducive to positive relationships.  

If we are different, that's okay.  I'm sure we also have something in common. Maybe we like the same music.  Maybe we like the same foods. Maybe we are both Americans.

Thanks for reading.  Happy Election Day!

*Ooo, I just thought of something we might have in common... We are glad the political commercials will be over soon!

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  1. Nice thoughts in your post today I totally agree with you I felt good voting as makes you proud to be American for sure Hope you have a great rest of the week!!