Thursday, November 15, 2012

Magical Doll

This week we painted the nursery! By "we" I mean my sweet husband.  Since the doctors have asked me to limit my activity I couldn't really help.  I really like the color, it's a soft mint green. I promise to share photos soon.  

With my extra down time I have had time to let my mind wander.  The other day I remembered a treasure that I haven't shared on here before.  A while ago, a friend of mine gave me a little wooden statue from her country, Guinea, West Africa.  She explained that it is a fertility doll.  At the time fertility wasn't totally on my mind, but I love quirky objects from travels so I was really excited to have it.  
Life is always surprising me, and sure enough, shortly after I received the doll I started to think more about starting a family.  Maybe it was due to my vanishing twenties, or maybe it was the doll.  Either way, I am now filling my days with nursery decorating and knitting baby blankets (that's one behind the doll).  Magic!

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