Friday, November 9, 2012

Learn to Enjoy Cold Weather

When the weather turns cold and the leaves have shed from the trees, I start thinking about how to get cozy.  This Fall it hasn't been a struggle to stay warm (the baby keeps me feeling tropical), but I still want to celebrate my beloved cold weather.  Yes, I said "beloved", and that's because cold weather is my favorite kind of weather.  I know that's unusual, so if it's not your favorite maybe you can learn to love it anyway.  Here are 3 sensory delights that will be sure to help you celebrate/bear the season.

1. Cinnamon Pine Cones
Clearly, they are not chic or modern, but they are slightly less granny than the famous cinnamon broom (although, I love those too).  I have some of these in a bowl near my main entry, and when guests come in they are greeted with this homey aroma.  They are a bit strong the first day, but they mellow quickly.

2. Multiple Throw Blankets
One is never enough, maybe that's because I'm tall.  Either way, it's nice to have one blanket around your shoulders and one for your legs.  Also, this solves a lot of tugging when you are needing to share.

3. Hot Chocolate
Don't bother buying the packets.  It's so easy to make your own.  Heat milk on the stove top, and add in cocoa, sugar/honey, salt, and vanilla.  I don't measure, just make it to taste.  Sometimes I add cinnamon or other spices.  Of course, whipped cream or marshmallows will make it a hit.

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